GLP Fees and Charges

The new rates for the cemetery services are imposed as follows:

Type of Service Corresponding Amount (Pesos)
A. Basic Fees
1. Burial / Exhumation / Restus P480.00
2. Entrance / Transfer P600.00
3. Cemetery Fee (A-2 only) P600.00
B. Niches
1. Apartment (5 yrs lease, no renewal) A-1 (P6,000.00)
B-1 (P4,800.00)
C-1 (P4,200.00)
2. Exclusive lot/niches
(A-1) P6,000.00 ÷ 5yrs = P1,200.00 ÷ 2.5 sq.m = P480.00
Annual Fee of P480.00 per sq.m × lot area
C. Cremation
1. Bones A-1 (P7,200.00)
A-2 (P19,250.00)
B-1 (P4,800.00)
C (P2,400.00)
D (P20,000.00)
2. Fresh A-1 (P12,000.00)
A-1.1 (P5,000.00)
A-2 (P35,000.00)
B-1 (P8,400.00)
B-1.1 (P4,000.00)
C-1 (P3,600.00)
C-1.1 (P1,500.00)
D (P25,000.00)
The same rates shall be applied in cases when two (2) sets of bones of two (2) dead persons are to be cremated simultaneously with each other provided however, that the second set is free of charge.
D. Columbarium
For rows #1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9 A-1 (P1,800.00/year)
B (P1,500.00/year)
C (P1,200.00/year)
For rows #4, 5 and 6 the rate shall be uniform at P2,400.00/year
E. Chapel
Services provided by the use of the chapel shall be at a rate of P1,200.00 per day maximum of five (5) days.
F. Funeral Parlor
F.1 Funeral Services inlcusive of:
A. Pick-up (within Mandaluyong City) P4,800.00
B. Embalming
C. Preparation
D. GLP Chapel Viewing (3 days)
F.2 Casket (Optional)