Categorization of the GLP Services Availed for the Deceased.

The GLP services are categorized as follows

Category A Regular Rates For A-1 Residents
A-1.1 Children 12yrs. old and below
A-2 Non-residents
Category B Special Rates for B-1 Long-Time Residents
B-1.1 Children 12yrs. old and below
Category C Special Rates For C-1 Indigent/Underpriviledged Residents
C-1.1 Children 12yrs. old and below
Category D Special Rates for Private Funeral Parlors

The fees and charges imposed in the next preceding section is subject to the 20% discount and exemption from the VAT, If applicable on funeral and burial services for the death of Senior Citizen as provided for the Republic Act. No. 9994.


Only deceased bonafide residents of the City of Mandaluyong may avail of the special privileges accorded to residents by the Ordinance No. 697, S-2018.

Proof of Residency