Privacy Notice

We, at the City Government of Mandaluyong, are committed to protect and respect your personal information. We are not only complying but also performing our obligations under Republic Act No.10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

We collect and process personal information not only to carry out our mandate and functions under Republic Act No.7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991 and Ordinance No. 709 known as “Ordinance adopting version 2.0: The 2014 Green Building Regulation of Mandaluyong,” but also to assist and guide you in compliance of you application.

Collection of your personal information

Because data minimization is the core of our collection policy, we only collect personal information that we need. In general, we collect personal information when implement specific plans, programs, policies and activities of the City Government as mandated by law. We usually collect personal information from the stakeholders when we exercise our mandate to regulate businesses in the city, such as issuing the proper business permits and licenses, clearances, building and other related permits. We also collect personal information when you pay taxes and fees on businesses and real property as well as in registering birth, marriage and death certificates. These collected information will be the basis of the plans, programs and enforcement of the city ordinances and resolutions as well as existing national laws, rules and regulations, in order to render efficient and effective public and social services and various financial assistance to the indigent and marginalized sector.

All information shall be treated with confidentiality and shall be compiled properly. No specific attribution shall be made to a building or building owner when data is presented publicly.


Your collected personal information will be used for documentation, processing and evaluation within the different departments and offices of the City Government in order to render efficient and effective public service. We will disclose or share your personal information, especially sensitive personal information, to a third party only if you consent to it, unless we are under any legal obligation to do so or required by law.

Protection Measures

Only authorized employees of the City Government have access to your personal information. Firewall and Security of the web server are included and covered in the services of our web hosting company. In order to avoid Distribute Denial of Service (DDOS) and spamming, we incorporated an email verification system and Complete Automated Public Turing Test to differentiate Computers and Human Apart (CAPTCHA). Six months after you download your final report, there will be an automated and scheduled system that will delete your information from the web server then consolidate it on a sandbox server to isolate the data from the World Wide Web. After the purpose for which your collected personal information were terminated or realized, physical records shall be disposed through shredding while electronic records shall be anonymized, unless otherwise provided by law.

Accessing and correcting your personal information

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and the right to ask for it to be corrected if it is wrong. To do so, you may have to file a written request addressed to City Planning and Development Department (CPDD) or our Data Protection Office (DPO) or send such request at and, respectively.


I hereby confirm that I understand the foregoing and that I am voluntarily giving my consent to the processing of my provided information under the terms and conditions provided in the Privacy Notice.

I am also giving my consent to make my provided information available with other departments or offices of the City Government of Mandaluyong in connection with the application subject of the Green Building regulations, as well as with regulatory authorities and national government agencies.

The consent will remain in full force until I revoke it in writing.